An interesting way of presenting new, different and interesting brands.


We are dedicated to presenting eyewear brands and products, for every optician who wants to explore something new, that not only will
be fresh but can also be avant grade, technical or luxurious.


By joining us, customers will always have the chance to meet some of the best and most creative eyewear from the international scene, talk with
the designers or the minds behind the ideas that lead to some unique collections.

22-23 JANUARY 2022

Was adjusted to how much we wanted to get together and discuss about new projects and collaborations. For that occasion, we thought best to do it in a relaxing fashion, enjoying namely cocktails in antique lounges.

19-20 MARCH 2022

Is adjusted to how much we missed travelling as well as our partners who weren't able to join us- not to mention our love for the city itself!

For this, we chose a hotel hall, following the theme of past but timeless elegance.


In the eyewear fashion business since childhood (my dad was also in the field), I know a thing or two about eyewear and about opticians' challenges. Today, I am here to guide opticians through the global eyewear market, to suggest brands that best suit them and to help them sell. I am here to share all the news and trends on eyewear fashion.



My professional career has taught me to be committed to my goals by developing evolutionary and creative ideas in practice. I believe in the dynamic of cooperation, I build sincere and reliable relationships with my associates, colleagues and customers as well. To achieve ‘beyond what is expected’ , my strategy is to gain trust of others, by offering high-demand services and best solutions.