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Creativity never stops: even in the slow and secluded period we went through, there was movement and ideas leading to the creation of beautiful, new products which we felt the urge to communicate.

We chose to do it in a creative way that not only will highlight them but celebrate the fact of being able to communicate them through gathering too!


We love mingling and we love new products, what can be better than arranging it again?





Last year we chose a photography studio: a place where lights are bright, expectations are colorful and image is Queen. We wanted to bring the star out off our guests, wearing products made for stars and posing for magazine covers! @blackstudio_art

This year, we will relax in antique lounges of various different eras in a luxurious decadent environment, with the company of namely cocktails and atmospheric music: come join us at the Bar!

The Blind Beggar

Ch. Trikoupi 6-10, 10679

Atrium Gallery, Athens



Last October we hosted a Hair Designer, taking the face and anatomy measurements of our guests, proposing the ideal haircut and dressing it with the ideal eyewear. @minoshaircutmetrics


This January with the collaboration of our hosts @blindbeggarathens we aim to satisfy at least 4 of our guest's senses; entering the Atrium is just the beginning...


Photographer on the spot

Videographer on the spot

Content creator for dedicated IG page on the spot

Marketing activities (newsletter, IG ad)

Dedicated internet site


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20th January 2022

INTRO announces their Athens eyewear event which takes place on 22nd to 24th January 2022 – this weekend! 10 eyewear brands including fabulous Lapima, as well as John Dalia and Lesca will be participating at the Blind Beggar lounge, a fashionable cocktail lounge in the centre of the city.

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